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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Tips for Picky Eaters! - How to enjoy fruit

 It is my experience that many who do not enjoy fruits take issue with the texture.

As mentioned in the last tip for picky eaters, you may benefit from blending your fruit to a pulp, and then further disguising aforementioned pulp...

Better yet, turn your fruit into a smoothie!  Fruit is naturally sweet and can be combined with low-calorie ice cream for added creaminess.

Other ways to enjoy fruit include:
Use fruit to flavor your dishes.  For example, lemon or lime chicken.
For desserts, create a fruit reduction sauce and use as an ice cream topping (blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are ideal for such an eventuality).
Make your own juice!  Squeeze those apples, lemons, and oranges!  If the pulp offends your palette, simply run the juice through a simple strainer or sieve.

Might I suggest trying cantaloupe or honeydew melon?
Scooping out the middle of a cantaloupe and filling it with sweetened granola is an amazing way to get a serving or two of fruit.  The texture and taste of the granola completely overpowers the texture and taste of the melon.

One last tip:
Think you've tried and hated every fruit in the book?  Strawberries?  Oranges?  Bananas?  THE HORROR.
Have you tried any more obscure or exotic fruits?  Personally, I've been looking for a reason to try a dragon fruit...