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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Cookout Quesadillas: Cheeseburger

Part 2 of cookout quesadillas..... Another simple recipe, perfect for little ones!  (Or me.)

You will need:
1 White Flour Tortilla
1 1/2-2 Hamburgers
4 Slices Kraft American Singles Cheese
Thin-Sliced Pickles (Optional)
Ketchup/Mustard/BBQ Sauce etc for dipping

1. Grill or cook hamburgers and slice into thin strips.

2. Place tortilla in pan and cover entire tortilla evenly with cheese slices.

3. Place strips of hamburger over 1/2 of tortilla. Add in pickles if you fancy.

4. Heat over medium heat, lifting tortilla periodically to check for browning.  When desired color/crunch has been been achieved, simply fold one half all the way over the other, as though you were making an omelet.

5. Cut in half or fourths and dip in ketchup/mustard/whatever you please.