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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cookout Quesadillas: Hot dogs

And now for something SUPER classy..... quesadillas (for lack of a better term) filled with sliced hot dogs and cheese!  I would go out on a limb and suggest that if you're partial to a chili dog, that might make a good quesadilla filling as well.  I use turkey dogs to make my junk food that 1% less deathly.  This recipe is particularly good for picky eaters, at least those without a hot dog aversion!

You will need:
1 White Flour Tortilla
3-4 hot dogs (depending on width/length)  
Cheese of choice, two good options being:
Kraft American Singles
Mozzarella (my favorite)
Ketchup/Mustard (optional)

1. Grill or cook hot dogs and slice down the middle.

2. Place tortilla in frying pan and arrange cheese and hot dogs on one half.

3. Heat over medium heat, lifting tortilla periodically to check for browning.  When desired color/crunch has been been achieved, simply fold one half all the way over the other, as though you were making an omelet.

4. Cut in half or fourths and dip in ketchup/mustard/whatever you please.