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Monday, 12 July 2010

I-Disgust-Me BBQ Burgers

Okay, so, this is my food-based-ode to This Is Why You're Fat.  I-Disgust-Me BBQ Burgers are great because you are, essentially, carrying an entire meal in one sandwich.  I'm not going to lie,  my inspiration for this burger was to sit and ponder what I could all load onto this sandwich that would explode the moment you bit into it.  And it does.  But somehow no one seems to mind...
I didn't bother with measurements since it really depends on how many burgers you fancy making.  You can also leave out any toppings that do not please a picky eater or replace with your own, though this sandwich is pretty picky-friendly.
It should also be noted that these burgers are pretty good when panfried, but are insanely good when cooked on the grill.
So why have I filed this under vegetarian as well?  Well it just so happens that veggie burgers work perfectly in this recipe as well.  In fact, they work wonderfully, as the insane amount of toppings distract from the fact that many vegetarian burgers don't taste quite 'right'.  Most will taste just 'right' with this recipe!  Be sure to get veggie baked beans, as many come with a chunk of fatty pork floating on top...

You will need:
White or sourdough burger buns
Slices of your favorite cheese
Spicy fries (I used Ore-Ida 'Zesties)
Tin of baked beans
BBQ sauce
Pickles (optional)

1. Grill your burgers, adding cheese on top at the last minute.

2. While grilling your burgers, fry or bake the fries according to package instructions and heat the baked beans.

3. Toast or grill your buns!

4. Build your burger, layering fries on the bottom and drizzling some BBQ sauce.  Then comes your burger covered in cheese.  Next, add a spoonful of baked beans and top with a couple pickle slices!