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Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Diner: Soho

I should have posted this a while ago, but anyways, Manfriend and I went to The Diner in Soho to celebrate his birthday (before heading to the observatory in Hampstead to stargaze).  I have been to The Diner in Camden many times, but never the Soho one.  I must admit, I enjoy the checking out the hipster employee's outfits.  However, I can understand where some people might find this a bit off-putting.

Anyways, I'm always curious as to how the Brits decide to prepare/present American-style food. For this reason, I shunned the usual diner breakfast items and went with corn dogs and sweet potato fries.  The corn dogs were quite a disappointment, as its cornbread jacket was paper-thin.  This left my corn dog tasting of nothing more than a hot dog on a stick.  Not nice.  However, the sweet potato fries were somehow the best I've ever had?!  They stayed crispy through to the end of my meal, even when cold.  AND the portion was out of control (in a good way).  Manfriend had a burger, which he didn't seem to have any complaints about.  He also had 'diner fries'.  The diner fries were steak-cut chips tossed in slightly-hot cajun spices (and also came in an obscenely large portion).  I can confirm that these were quite tasty!

I guess my overall impression of The Diner is, while quite stylish, the food isn't amazing.  However, the prices are pretty reasonable for London standards, so I shall keep returning and, perhaps, make a jump back to the all-day breakfast menu.

Seriously, these fries guys.... seriously.