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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Continental Breakfast Cupcake

Okay, so I've clearly been unemployed too long.  Also I've been making too many cupcakes and full English breakfasts.  At which point I must have stared at the two, cross-eyed, and thought 'You know what this cupcake needs?  More toast and bacon.'

Per cupcake, you will need:
1 piece half-cooked bacon
1 slice of bread
1 egg

1. Cut a circular center out of your slice of bread, making it as large as possible.

2. Flatten slightly and press gently into a muffin tin to form a cup.

3. Line the cup with BACON!!!

4. Crack an egg into a liquid measuring cup before guiding the yolk to the front with a spoon.  Spoon yolk into the cupcake first, then fill with the egg whites, careful not to overflow.

5. Bake at 350 F/175 C for 15-20 minutes.

Serving suggestion: Extra BACON?  Or maybe some toast with jam?
If you fancy a full English breakfast cupcake, perhaps it would be a good idea to 'frost' your cupcakes with some baked beans.  Or balance some mushrooms on top? 
Alternative method: Replace toast with PANCAKES.  Though I have not tried this yet.  If you attempt this, I'd suggest greasing the muffin tins.

Apologies for the excitable capslocking :D