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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter and Hiatus

Apologies for the hiatus...  It should only last a couple more weeks.  I've been buried in some hardcore essay-writing.

Last Easter my roomie and I threw the most excellent cheese-based Easter party (mostly for ourselves).  This year I fear we shall not be so lucky due to our workloads.

Despite being from the dairy state, I turn my back on my heritage and prefer Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, Camembert, and Brie.  BUT NEVER ENGLISH CHEDDAR.  I cannot cope with the idea of cheddar that is not orange.

  Lemon or Passion fruit-frosted fairy cakes decorated with jelly bellies and lemon rinds for dessert!

 Former roomie also invented this... popcorn dipped in Cadbury Creame Egg.  
Not as disgusting as it sounds?

My aunt used to make a lamb-shaped cake to celebrate Easter.  It is one of the few lamb-shaped cakes that I've seen that are not totally busted looking.  A quick google image search shall explain what I mean: GOOGLE!

Successful lamb cake

Have some Easter-themed noms?

  Can't walk 10 ft in Sainsburys without walking into a display of Hot Cross Buns!

Happy Easter!