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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Red-Bottom Cake

I (err although was probably not the first to do so) invented red-bottom cake a) because it's fun to say and b) because I was inspired by my two favorite cupcakes at Hummingbird Bakery.  This is sinful hybrid of their black-bottomed cupcake and their red velvet cupcake.  Also trying to rectify problems of sinking cream cheese that I've come across in cupcakes, by lightening the mixture with egg whites and piping it over the cake instead of dropping it in large 'globs'.  It seemed to work!  Success!

You will need:
1 recipe prepared red velvet cake batter or box mix

8-10 oz. package cream cheese
2 egg whites
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

1. Prepare cake batter and pour into two greased or parchment-paper-lined cake pans.

2. In a bowl, beat egg whites for several minutes until slightly stiff (not into a meringue).

3. Beat in cream cheese, sugar, and salt.

4. Transfer mixture to a pastry bag (or a large plastic bag and then snip off the corner of the bag) and squeeze out in check pattern over one of the cakes.

5. Cook at recommended temperature/time.

6. Frost with cream cheese frosting (recipe below).

Cream Cheese Frosting
½ cup unsalted butter
16 oz. cream cheese (full fat)
2 tsp. vanilla
1 Tbsp milk
3-5 cups powdered sugar

1. With an electric mixer, whip room temperature-butter with cream cheese. Note: Cream cheese should be somewhere between fridge-cold and room temperature for desired consistency.

2. Add clear vanilla extract and milk at the point of a butter/cream cheese paste.

3. Beat in powdered sugar (or add to your desired sweetness/consistency).