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Monday, 25 October 2010

What's for dinner? - English Foods

In case you hadn't guessed by my sparse updates, I have moved back to England!  Woo! 
There has been a steep decrease in fancy breakfasts as well, as this is about as fancy as it gets now:
To be fair, who wouldn't want to eat a cereal with actual pieces of dark chocolate in it (O MY GOD!).

Moving back to England also means eating like a student again.  Unfortunately, eating like a student basically looks like this:

Not gonna lie, I do love me some Chinese Chow Mein ramen-style noodles.
Now if I could just get one of the house's two blenders to work, I could make No-Bits Broccoli and Potato Soup for dinner!  On a side note: we have four can openers, all of which are broken.  WHY ARE THEY STILL HERE?!