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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Vintage Cookbook Sexism

So, when I was looking through one of my mom's old cookbooks (Betty Crocker, 1969) I made several startling revelations.

See, apparently, one should check their man's egg preference before marriage.

Just remember, it behooves you to know how he likes his food done.  Otherwise, he may run off with the first diner chef he meets.

I must admit I do love baking chocolate cake for the men in my life, and would totally have baked my Gran a cake !  I suspect she may have been up for a game of bridge with "the girls" as well....

Just one last one?  Important to read if you care about pleasing a man:
If you really care about pleasing your man, just make sure it's a PERFECT pie.  Or else.

Betty Crocker would also like you to know that this cookbook was tested on 1,300 homemakers, because a  homogeneous testing group is always the way to go!  And no one else has a use for this cookbook.

I'm sure there are more gems like these in that cookbook, but I don't fancy reading it cover to cover ;)

This is in no way knocking modern Betty Crocker, as I'm sure she's totally cool with being a career woman and men using her cookbooks these days, hehe.

The book is actually pretty awesome for recipes, seeing as it was written before everyone was obsessed with heart-healthy, high fiber, and specific flavor-crazes (ex. bacon, chipotle peppers).

There is also a recipe for a cat-shaped cake.  And you can safely bet that I will be making that sometime this summer!

Another suprising find?  How to prepare brains.  *shudder*  Apparently brains are good in croquettes and salads.

Lastly: Check out Betty throughout the years.  "1969 Betty" is hanging out on the back of this cookbook, but she is only my second favorite. 1927 Betty is genius.  1936 Betty looks as though she may murder you if you insult the chocolate cake that she, undoubtedly, made for her man.