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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Day I Fried Gravy

Turkey burger, fried gravy patty, turkey burger

I did not invent a fried gravy burger.  I did, however, attempt to recreate it at home.  For the record, I do not actually eat quite as terribly as this blog may indicate... it's just sometimes my taste buds have a rather creative mind of their own.  And I must obey.

Steps I took:
1. Make the gravy of your choice and pour it 1/2 inch thick in a wide freezer-safe container.

2. Allow to cool, and place in freezer until partially frozen and congealed.

3. Use a cookie cutter/anything else round to cut out the desired size disc.

4. Place back in freezer til frozen.

5. To batter them, I dipped them first in egg and then in flour, then egg again, and back into the flour.  HOWEVER I feel creating a regular frying batter (or a tempura batter?!) and dipping the gravy disc in that would have been a better way to go.

6. I shallow-fried the gravy, which became a bit messy.  I'd suggest deep-frying it in just over 1/2 inch of oil. 

7. Be simultaneously proud and ashamed that you fried gravy.

To be honest, it tasted pretty great.  But probably not great enough for how unhealthy it is!

 Pan-fried Gravy