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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saucy Fried Chicken Wraps

Saucy Fried Chicken Wraps are simples packed lunch food that doesn't get boring as fast if you change up the sauces...  I also recommend sweet thai chili sauce, but really you could put anything from ketchup,  mayo, brown sauce, mustard, pickle, ranch dressing... Whatever floats your boat. :)

You will need:
Flour Tortillas/Wraps
Prepared chicken patties or strips
Sauce of choice

1. Simply make the chicken the night before and then slice into thin strips.

2. Spread wrap with mayo.

3. Layer chicken.

4. Drizzle sauce!  Etc.  

I'm not sure why I bothered writing that up, as it's quite self-explanatory.  But there you go.  Just in-case.

 Mango Chili sauce and BBQ Fried Chicken Wraps