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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spicy Pepper-Bacon Mayonnaise Chicken Sandwich

It’s that time again! Back in London, working away on my coursework and dissertation. This means lunch at uni several times a week. I detest packed lunches. I long to make a nice pasta dish or blitz up a fresh soup. But no. Thwarted by the limited cooking powers of my bookbag, I frequently resort to sandwiches. Last week I had quite the miss-step, attempting to bring a tuna and noodle casserole. Usually an amazing dish, the noodles decided to suck up ALL of the moisture from the mayonnaise leaving me with a bloated and crusty dish. Mmm. But what has been more successful are a few sandwiches. Spicy pepper-bacon mayonnaise chicken sandwich is, well, what it’s name says really.  What makes this better than the spicy bacon chicken sandwiches in shops is I do not have to spend awkward ages picking out lettuce and tomato bits...  plus I can use 'lighter than light' mayo!

You will need:
Ground black pepper
Bacon rashers
Chicken (mine is obviously pre-cooked, but do as you like!)
Mini baguettes

In a small dish, add pepper into mayo to desired spice and then crumble in bacon. Cut the ends off the baguette and slice down the side. Spoon in mayo, creating a thick bottom layer.  A second layer of chicken goes over that and, voila!