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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Breakfast Burger

I have seen breakfast burgers in many of my favorite restaurants, and I have amalgamated them all into one super Breakfast Burger.

I will spare you a patronizing recipe, and just say that the best order to stack this burger is:
1. Pancake (bottom)
2. Maple Syrup
3. Bacon (cooked)
4. More syrup
5. Burger
6. Cheese (american)
7. Fried egg

As soon as you push the bun on top, ooey-gooey delicious egg yolk will run down the sides and combine with the cheese which works well in a classic burger kind of way.  From the bottom up, your traditional pancakes and syrup will add a strange but amazing sweetness.  And in between is the burger, pulling it all together.  Ta da!