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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Zero Prep Weeknight Chicken and Waffles

I am all about making yummy foods more accessible.  I'm not about to apologize for the simplicity of the suggestion that you heat up your favorite southern fried chicken and toast some waffles.  If you want the real thing, go to a restaurant or roll up your sleeves and follow this recipe.  I don't have a waffle maker, nor did I have time to fry up some chicken.  But manfriend and I are in love with this combo!

I'm not sure I'd count this as a recipe so much as a suggestion...  Also, I'd go with some fancypants waffles if you can find them in your grocer's frozen section (or bakery in the UK).  I used Kingsmill 'Love To Toast' waffles which, if I'm honest, are not the best... but I am on a quest to locate better waffles!  I served this with warm syrup and butter.